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Abacus is an independent psychology practice in northern suburbs of Brisbane providing effective treatment to children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and families experiencing a wide range of emotional difficulties.


Hello. My name is Peter Tryhorn. I’m a clinical psychologist residing in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. I am the director of Abacus Psychological Care Services, which provides clinical intervention to adults, children, and families.

I’ve been a psychologist for more than 20 years. To some, this may seem like such a long time to be at the grass-roots level of helping people with their emotional difficulties. There have certainly been moments in my career when I’ve felt tired of it all, and wondering “what on Earth am I doing”?

However, these periods are always overshadowed by the other times. The times when you ponder and appreciate even the smallest contributions you’ve made toward one’s improved mental state and general quality of life. For that individual, couple, or family, it’s this support and compassion in times of need that truly does make the difference.

During my time in this profession, I’ve been employed by various government departments as well as in private practice, and have had the privilege of working with members of the general population across the entire age spectrum, from the very young to the very elderly. Frequently my clients have been experiencing moderate to severe mental health disturbances, which unfortunately impacts greatly on not only the individual, but the spouse, parent, and other family members and loved one’s. For that reason, I embrace and frequently utilise a solution-focussed family intervention approach, as well as individual counselling with the client.



I provide consultancy to various government departments, non-government agencies, and independent clinical specialists, including Veteran’s Affairs, state and federal rehabilitation services, aged-care facilities, and private training/employment agencies. My aim is to help clients overcome their emotional and physical barriers and adjustments to enjoying better mental health, education, employment, rehabilitation, and generally enhancing an improved quality of life. I use the word “privilege’ with intent. Perhaps with the exception of the clergy, I don’t think there is another profession that is routinely invited into people’s very personal lives, sharing their very personal thoughts and emotions. This level of intimacy is a privilege, and as I age with clinical maturity, I don’t allow myself to forget this.



I am a husband and a father. I enjoy nature immensely: the beach, fishing, kayaking, bush walking and country drives. I appreciate what nature offers, especially the simplicity, although at times it’s easy to become seduced into the stresses of daily life. With age I try to embrace two fundamental philosophical principles to help guide me through life: Tomorrow is a new day; and if I want change to happen, I need to do something different. These help me to remain focussed, to let go of the unnecessary, and simply be the best person I can. I imagine for many of you searching my website and reading this biography, these are philosophies of living that you may find very helpful also.

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