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There is no pun intended when I say …”stop beating around the bush”. Pornography addiction and cybersex, like many addictions, are debilitating. They damage one’s sense of self, reinforce one’s social or sexual inadequacies, and ultimately destroy what should be loving and respectful relationships.

Many of the men I see in my clinical practice are devastated by their porn-related addictive behaviours, which they believe are beyond their control. Of course, this is just not correct, but it certainly does feel this way to them. One man is homeless, kicked out of his house and marriage; one elderly man has been caught by his wife too many times, and she’s reached the end of her tolerance over many years of suffering in silence. Another man is looking at a lengthy prison sentence for accessing the wrong types of porn sites. Each of these actual cases have been personally catastrophic for the individual and their families. Each of these actual cases were completely avoidable.

The cost of porn addiction is enormous

Pornography addiction did not become a serious problem until the information technology era. Previously, people might have rented a porn video occasionally. But now, with easy access to the internet, a whole new disorder has been created. And make no mistake about it …. it is at epidemic levels globally.

Like other addictions, pornography addiction starts off in a limited way. However, soon the content becomes mundane. A need for more eroticism and stimulation develops, often of a more taboo theme to feed fantasies and bodily pleasures. Before you know it, this ‘need’ is taking over your life. I’ve had clients who can’t keep jobs because they don’t turn up for work. They’ve either been on the computer all night watching, masturbating, fantasizing and then sleep through the morning, or their compulsions are such that they can’t leave the computer and house.


Does any of the following sound familiar to you?

  • Has your online porn viewing become so frequent or problematic, that it gets in the way of you completing your computer tasks?
  • Do you masturbate often when online?
  • Are you preoccupied with the internet in pursuit of sexual gratification?
  • Are you neglecting daily responsibilities because of the time spent online?
  • Is the viewing causing conflict in your relationship with your spouse / partner?
  • Have you been hiding online interactions from your spouse / partner?
  • Have you been wanting or trying to stop, but can’t get past the urges?

These are just some of the more common indicators. The list can be much more extensive. If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the above, then it’s most likely you have a problem, or at risk of developing a serious problem.


Reclaim respect for yourself and others

$29 per month



You can find plenty of porn addiction treatment programs online. Some are membership sites, others are clinics. I have no interest in promoting the glitzy razza-mataz you’ll find with some sites, or pushing a Christian values model you will find with others. I’m a grass-roots clinical psychologist who will provide you with an evidence-based treatment focus drawing on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Hypnosis, and the exciting developments in Neuroplasticity.

The skills you will learn are priceless, and if you commit to sticking with them, you may conquer this addiction once and for all. More importantly, if your partner has graciously given you one more chance, this may eventually lead into an opportunity for reclaiming or developing a truly intimate and loving relationship. For those of you who are single, you too, may develop the skills and attitude for respectful relationships and future loving.

Don’t wait.

This program is for males and females, adults and adolescents. Although overwhelmingly a male disorder, the number of females coming forward who experience these patterns is quite alarming. Mental health does not discriminate. This debilitating condition is spreading rapidly, and there are no signs of it slowing down.


Reclaim respect for yourself and others

$29 per month



Help!! Porn stole my Manhood.


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