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Pet Bereavement Counselling

Pet Bereavement Counselling



Pet Bereavement

Animals have the capacity to love us unconditionally which in many cases is far beyond that which we receive from our human friends and relatives. It is therefore not surprising that the relationship many of us share with our pets is often more profound than any other relationship.

So when our pet dies it is a uniquely emotional experience for each of us, and non-pet owners often don’t understand the intensity of our grief. We are often made to feel foolish and ridiculed for our grief, and this leaves us feeling very isolated with no one to talk to.

The death of our beloved pet and best friend is often extremely difficult for our children to understand, depending on the child’s age, and some regressed behaviour is not uncommon during these times. Similarly, older persons, and singles living alone, also feel the death of their pet very deeply as it is their companion. Losing their pet is just another blow to older people who have already lost family members and close friends.

Abacus Psychological Care provides help, support and guidance to you, your children, and other family members, to work through your grief and enable you to find ways of coping effectively with your loss.If you require help during or after this very difficult time, please give Abacus a call so that we can sit down together, share some stories, laughs or tears, and help you move beyond this grief.

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