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Clinical Psychology



Abacus is an independent psychology practice in northern suburbs of Brisbane providing effective treatment to children,adolescents, adults, the elderly and families experiencing a wide range of emotional difficulties.



Are you feeling worried, overwhelmed, anxious, scared?, Have you experienced a trauma and you can’t seem to move on?, Do you feel a sense of panic sometimes, as if it is outside of your control?, Do you experience compulsive or unwanted behaviours?

Have you a diagnosed mental illness requiring ongoing supportive counselling?, Do you feel empty, or as if something is missing?, Are you or your elderly parents not adjusting well to being placed in an aged-care facility?, Is your family always in conflict and you don’t know how to stop the fighting?

Emotional upsets and stresses are exhausting. Engaging in therapy with an experienced psychologist can be the key to helping you reclaim more positive moods and a good feeling about yourself.

Children and Teenagers

Does your child or teenager have or exhibit:

  • Asperger’s Syndrome or Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Social anxiety, performance anxiety,  exam stresses
  • Attentional or behavioral problems
  • Generalised excessive worries
  • Low moods and depression
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • child unhappy, out of control, or self-harming
  • Self-harming behaviors


Fee for a standard treatment session (50 – 60 minutes) is currently $150 (approx. $25 gap amount per session after Medicare Rebate if eligible – see below). Bulk-billing arrangements are available for pensioners, unemployed, and those genuinely struggling financially if they have a Mental Health Care Plan from their G.P. or paediatrician.

Other Interests
Medical hypnosis, Sports hypnosis, Specialised bereavement counselling for pet owners.
You may qualify for a Medicare rebate depending on the level of distress or other emotional disturbance, and meeting criteria for a Mental Health Care Plan. You should first discuss this with your G.P. You MAY NOT be eligible for rebates if seeking sports hypnosis interventions.

Medicare Rebates
The Medicare Benefits Scheme offers eligible individuals 10 sessions of psychological treatment per calendar year, in which they are substantially rebated. In order to obtain these rebates, a Mental Health Care Plan is required.

Alternative Options
Abacus Psychological Care Services is a provider of clinical services for various private health funds and the Dept of Veteran Affairs.

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