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Where did we hear these immortal words?  That groovy, shagadelic, swinging spy, Austin Powers, saviour of the British Empire, if not the world, from the menacing clutches of Dr Evil.

I received a phone call from an old client of mine.  Actually he’s a man in his late 20’s.   I was seeing him as a young teenager for emotional disturbances.    He phoned me saying  “I’ve lost my mojo”.   I was a little confused at first what he meant.  In Austin’s terms it means the life force of his penis, his libido.   Essentially, this man has developed an erectile dysfunction.  He has difficulties getting or sustaining an erection, and with each failed attempt of intercourse with his partner, the more powerful this belief of failure and hopelessness it becomes.   We need to discern porn-influenced from anxiety-influenced erectile dysfunction.  In this particular case it seems both are at play, with the porn-influences as the primary factor, and the worries of compounding failure secondary.

The evidence is well and truly established people.  I’ve said it before in a previous post, porn viewing changes our neurology, and is a major factor in males developing an erectile dysfunction.   Adolescents and young men are presenting for therapy, albeit awkwardly, more than ever before with this condition.  They may sustain an erection whilst viewing porn, but are as floppy as a pancake when attempting real life sex.

So let’s learn to reset our neurology.   Once the damage is done, it doesn’t necessary fix itself by not viewing porn anymore.  That would be nice and simple, but it’s not always that easy.   Our belief systems have also changed, along with true respect for our partners.   Like anything in life, positive and sustaining change requires effort and commitment.   The help is out there.  Seek it.


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